I am so pleased to welcome you to my website!

I recently began writing and illustrating children's books and I've now published the first two in the series of "Sammi" books. On this website, you can learn more about me and about my books.

We have two books about Sammi. Please check out "About Sammi" to learn more about my books and where to find them.

And, I've started a blog. The best part about sending Sammi off on new adventures is all the amazing things I get to learn. As time permits, I'll share some of that with you! My Blog

To learn more about me, check out "About Suzanne".

I'd really like to hear from children who read my books. Maybe they have some thoughts on where Sammi should visit next?
See "Kid's Corner".

Writing, illustrating and publishing your own book takes time. In that sense, we might call this "Slow News" -- but for photos and information about my latest event(s), visit "News"

And, of course, I'd like to hear from you. Click on "Contact Suzanne" to send me an email.

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