Aloha from Sammi launches

The second book in the Sammi the Owl book series, Aloha from Sammi, launched joyfully with Hawaiian music and food, and the enthusiasm of over 70 friends and family.

On Sunday, September 8th, we launched Aloha from Sammi at Copperfield’s Book Store in Novato. Liko Puho, a Master Chanter in Hawaiian, started off the program by blessing the book with a Hawaiian chant. All of us were awestruck by the power and beauty of Liko’s words and voice. After the blessing, Liko transported us to the islands by playing ukulele and singing in his deep, resonant voice.

I brought lots and lots of food. (If you know me, you know there will be enough food to feed three or four armies!) The room was filled with children and adults and I talked a bit about Aloha from Sammi.

Children’s books are valuable in so many ways. Of course, there’s the chance for parent and child to share an experience when they read a book together. A good children’s book helps encourage a child to learn to read. And there’s nothing wrong with just having fun and being entertained. But many children’s books also help guide a child through life. My lesson, in all of my books, is to value diversity and I discussed this during my talk about my new book.

Copperfields in Novato was lively with the happy chatter of guests listening to music and feasting on tropical treats. We couldn’t have been happier.

Suzanne with Liko


Aloha from Sammi was launched beautifully with Liko Puha’s music and with the loving presence of family and friends.   Liko plays Hawaiian ukelele music and is a Master Chanter in Hawaiian.

And, of course, there’s food!

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