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Hello from Sammi by Suzanne Mirviss

In Hello from Sammi!, the first book in the series, you meet Sammi a small but curious little owl who wants to meet other owls in the big world. She writes a letter about herself, and her bird friends and whales deliver her letters around the world. Sammi receives letters and photos in return from many owls.

Sammi learns that even a small owl can achieve something wonderful.

Hello from Sammi! by Suzanne Mirviss
ISBN: 9780692810439
Availability: Special Order, Copperfields Book Stores
Published: Ingram Spark – June 2017
Age level: 5 to 10 Grade level: K to 5

Aloha from Sammi by Suzanne Mirviss

In Aloha from Sammi, an invitation to a birthday party arrives for Sammi from Pueo in Kaua’i. How will a very small owl travel over the Pacific Ocean to get to the party? Find out about Sammi’s adventures in traveling to a tropical island. Meet her owl friend, Patti Pueo, and a new friend, Albert Albatross.

This book offers the opportunity to learn a few words of the Hawaiian language, and also to read about birds that live on the island of Kaua’i.

Aloha from Sammi by Suzanne Mirviss
ISBN: 9780578452227
Availability: Copperfields and Amazon
Pages: 70, Language: English
Age level: 5 to 10, Grade level: K to 5

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