Sammi goes to school

On Tuesday, January 21st, Sammi visited San Ramon School in Novato to talk about her adventures in Hawai’i.

First through third grade students were introduced to the friends Sammi met in Kaua’i – from the beautiful hula dancers Alana and Leilani (Tropicbirds) to Keanu the Red Junglefowl, all the birds were there to show off. Even Albert Albatross, who surprised the students when they learned he spends most of his time at sea, only coming to land to mate.

After the presentation, the 4th grade music students played two songs on their ukuleles; one of the songs was “In an Octopus’s Garden” by the Beatles, which was Sammi’s favorite.

Sammi is planning to get around to other schools and other sites. Watch for her visits this year.

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