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Spring 2021

Ross Valley Charter School Read-a-thon

March – Sammi had a virtual “fly in” with students from Ms. Ballantyne’s class at Ross Valley Charter School in March. This event was part of their annual Read-a-thon fundraiser. Students listened eagerly to an adventure from Hello from Sammi in Canada, the third book in the Sammi the Owl series – and the students shared their story ideas and drawings.

May – Sammi and Suzanne enjoyed another virtual visit with students. Kindergarten, second and third graders at San Ramon School in Novato listened to Sammi’s adventure with Bella the black bear in Hello from Sammi in Canada. It was joyful to learn that students are interested in reading books, and also in the process of creating them!

Sammi the Owl Book Series
introduces elementary school age children to the lessons of:
1 Reaching out to make friends
2 Asking for help and expressing appreciation
3 Enriching your life by learning about others

Sammi books are available at
Barnes and Noble,
Amazon and Copperfields Books.

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