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close up of a Great Horned Owl

Owl Superpowers 1: Vision

I did a lot of presentations about owls when I volunteered for Hungry Owl Project. I loved telling children about owl “superpowers”. So today I’m going to start talking about one of the superpowers we’re all most familiar with: Owl Vision.

Myth: Owls can’t see during the day.
Not true! Owls don’t see color well (about that later), but otherwise, they see about as well as we do during the day.

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Book Cover Hello from Sammi

About albatrosses!

Hello to you from Sammi and me.

Sammi the owl, who is the star of Hello from Sammi and Aloha from Sammi, thought you might like more information on the birds in my books. But where do we start….?

If you were with us right now, you’d see all the characters are flapping their wings wildly to get Sammi’s attention. But Sammi has decided this first entry should feature Albert the Albatross.

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Aloha from Sammi launches

The second book in the Sammi the Owl book series, Aloha from Sammi, launched joyfully with Hawaiian music and food, and the enthusiasm of over 70 friends and family.

On Sunday, September 8th, we launched Aloha from Sammi at Copperfield’s Book Store in Novato. Liko Puho, a Master Chanter in Hawaiian, started off the program by blessing the book with a Hawaiian chant. All of us were awestruck by the power and beauty of Liko’s words and voice. After the blessing, Liko transported us to the islands by playing ukulele and singing in his deep, resonant voice.

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